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We have had good results with these options: has many options has loans for farmers for tiny homes

-Freddy Mac

-Fannie Mae

-car loan specialist

-veteran loan

-Credit Union if your a member

-personal loan

-Bank secured loan go in and ask your bank to pre qualify you on a secured loan

call us to get more details 808-866-6968

We are happy to now be partnered with LightStream, a division of SunTrust Bank, to offer you the best Tiny Home financing options. To discover what your options are, please visit the link below. You’ll need to enter your:

  1. Loan Amount

  2. Loan Term

  3. Payment Method

If you need help determining your Loan Amount or have any other questions, please feel free to speak with someone on our team about your specific project. Please call us at (808) 866-6968 during business hours, Hawaii Time, M-Sat.


Please be sure to disable any active Ad Blocking software to click on our LightStream link below:

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